• original characters
  • fanarts
  • simple furry and kemonomimi
  • simple gore

  • nsfw
  • old people
  • design that are too vague or too complicated
  • offensive imagery or anything depicting hate speech
  • imitiation of other artist's style
  • knifeknifeknifeknifeknife


  • please DM me on twitter or instagram for commission request
  • please include your character's ref on the initial message
  • i will send payment invoice after we agree on a sketch
  • I only accept payment in USD or IDR through paypal or Bank transfer for indonesian customers (BNI)
  • please provide me your email address so i could send the invoice as well as the finished piece (if you use separate email for paypal and general, please send both emails)
  • i have the right to decline or cancel any commission
  • please provide a clear and colored references of the character i'm about to draw, their personalities and likes and dislike would be useful too
  • i have the right to post any of my commissions pieces to my social medias.
  • i do accept private commissions, so please tell me first that you rather not have your commission piece to be posted publicly
  • my clients have the right to use any of their commissions piece in non commercial uses.
  • please understand i take my time with personal commission since i want the best possible quality for my clients
  • please understand i have other customers to work on. if your commission took long to finish it is because i am working on other's request, so please do not ask me about the status of your commission since it will affect the quality because i felt like i am being rushed.
  • for doodle page type commission, payment will be upront and i will keep you updated with wips
  • knifeknifeknifeknifeknife


  • you dm me on either twitter or instagram for commission inquiries
  • we discussed on which commissions and what character to draw
  • i will tell you to wait for the sketch
  • i send you the sketch through dm.
  • i will ask for inputs if there anything you would like to add or change
  • after agreeing on the sketch i will send you invoice through your email.
  • i will start inking and coloring after i received the payment
  • after i finished the commission, i will send you hd png image of the piece as well as the psd file through the email you provided.
  • i will send you a message through dm i have finished the commission and have sent the finished piece through your email.